Building Mail Hail

Mail Hail is written in Ada 95 and depends on Samuel Tardieu's AdaSockets binding, the GtkAda XML parser, and GNU ncurses. To compile it you need GNAT and FLORIST, the GNU Ada 95 Compiler and POSIX Ada Bindings, which are freely available from

The AdaSockets binding is available from

GtkAda is available from

GNU ncurses is available from

Mail Hail requires a patch to the GtkAda XML parser. These are provided in the "patches" directory of the Mail Hail package. Choose an appropriate patch and apply it before building GtkAda.

glib-xml_1.2.11.patch for GtkAda versions >= 1.2.11
glib-xml_2.0.0.patch for GtkAda versions >= 2.0.0

Unpack GtkAda, unpack Mail Hail, and copy the patch into the top level of the GtkAda source directory. Change to the directory containing the patchfile and type

patch -p1 < glib-xml_*.patch

After the patch has been applied, follow the instructions for installing GtkAda.

You must have installed the compiler and all required libraries. Then unpack Mail Hail, change to the source directory, and type


to check dependencies and compile.

Note: If your FLORIST library is installed in a directory other than /usr/local/lib/floristlib you must specify it on the command line. For example, if FLORIST is installed in /usr/local/floristlib then type

make FLORISTLIB=/usr/local/floristlib

Note: if your ncurses libraries are installed under a directory prefix other than /usr you must specify it on the command line. For example, if ncurses is installed in /usr/local then type

make LIBPREFIX=/usr/local

Six executable programs are produced: hailbox, hailcap, jdeluser, jnewuser, jpasswd, and mailhail.