Installing Mail Hail

In order for Mail Hail to do anything useful, you need three things:

  1. a Jabber server
  2. a mail transfer agent
  3. a mail delivery agent

The Mail Hail package includes an experimental mail delivery agent called Hailbox. Hailbox is capable of delivering local mail and invoking a notification agent such as Mail Hail.

Mail Hail has been tested against the jabberd server (1.4.2), which is available from

Hailbox has been tested against the University of Cambridge's Exim (3.35), Wietse Venema's Postfix (1.1.11), D. J. Bernstein's qmail (1.03), and Rayan Zachariassen and Matti Aarnio's ZMailer (2.99.55), which are available from the following sites:

The binary packages of Mail Hail for GNU/Linux contain statically linked executables for the Intel x86, PowerPC, and SPARC architectures. The binary package for FreeBSD contains statically linked executables for the Intel x86 architecture.

To install the executables, type

make install

By default they are installed as follows:


Note: To install under a directory prefix other than /usr/local you must specify it on the command line. For example, to install in /usr instead:

make install PREFIX=/usr

Note: If your system's terminfo database is not stored in /usr/share/terminfo you must set the environment variable TERMINFO to point to it. Otherwise jdeluser, jnewuser, and jpasswd will not function interactively.