0.9 Is Available

Mail Hail is a mail notification agent for instant messaging services. It runs on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and similar operating systems. Typically it is invoked by a local mail delivery agent to inform users that mail has arrived. Mail Hail uses XMPP, the protocol of the Jabber instant messaging server, to connect to instant messaging networks. It acts as a bridge between a mail server and a Jabber server. Mail Hail provides access to XMPP so that a local mail delivery agent can contact users without using an instant messaging protocol directly.

Jabber account management tools are also included. The tools have both interactive and non-interactive modes for creating accounts, deleting accounts, and changing passwords.

Hailbox is an experimental local mail delivery agent included in the Mail Hail package. Hailbox receives an incoming message from a system's mail transfer agent and delivers it to a traditional UNIX mail spool (known elsewhere as "mbox" format). Once delivery is complete, Hailbox invokes a mail notification agent and passes to it a custom message and selected header fields.

A message header filtering tool is also included.

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You can use these addresses to contact the author:

Wolfgang McKeown
E-Mail: pooka@runbox.com
Jabber: pooka@jabber.com